True House Team Visits Australia to See Latest Fabrication Technologies in Action

Australia group tour

Barry Dixon and several team members from True House traveled to Australia to tour state-of-the-art truss building plants. SBC Magazine ran a feature article detailing the tour in their August 2019 edition. Here is a snippet and link to the full article.

“Barry and I look at similar metrics,” says BJ. “It was so huge to be able to talk and compare notes in the evening and get meaningful feedback on what we saw.” BJ pointed out that’s one of the reasons why BCMC is such a big deal, “I usually know what’s going to be on the show floor before I go to the show but the value is in having conversations with other CMs about how the new equipment can be incorporated into an existing system.”

Beyond getting BJ’s input, Barry brought a team along because he wanted to foster an internal dialogue on how to implement change. “I wanted my team to see the technology in action and talk about it without the pressure of having to immediately make it work,” says Barry. He felt the nightly conversations and discussions on the bus built camaraderie as they tried to figure out how they could make a certain automated approach work in their current facilities.

CLICK HERE to read the full magazine article.

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