About Us

It’s Not About Us. It’s About You & Your Customers.


Based on his 30 years of experience in every aspect of the residential construction business, founder and CEO Barry Dixon started BeLit in 2015 with a vision for transforming the homebuilding process. Barry is a second-generation builder who believes home construction can be simpler, easier, faster, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective for everyone.

Having worked as a contractor for large national homebuilders, small custom builders, component manufacturers and others, and having successfully guided his business through the housing crisis in 2006, Barry set his sights on building an integrated family of companies that could provide end-to-end building solutions for his loyal clients while leveraging leading edge technology.

BeLit includes four distinct brands, employing hundreds of skilled professionals working together to provide integrated design, engineering, structural component manufacturing, installation project management, and other administrative services for clients.


At BeLit, our mission is simple: We want to make the American Dream as available as possible to all who desire it. We strive to make housing better by removing waste from the building process, making better use of resources, improving quality and lowering costs for those who create housing, and those for whom it is created.



We’re passionate about our work and bring a creative, curious approach to every job. We never settle for less than our full potential and continuously strive for improvement.


We value honesty, integrity and being forthright and respectful in all of our interactions with clients and one another.


We believe in the power of teamwork as foundational to the work we do. It is critical to our success and the success of our clients.


We take responsibility for our actions and the quality of our work. We deliver on our promises with a focus on performance and superior results.