Our Process


Identify & Assess

  • Meet to discuss needs and goals
  • Analysis of potential design, engineering and process inhibitors
  • Define technical scope of work


Design & Review

  • Identify key drivers of design and engineering efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify opportunities
  • Concept, plan, design and model product and process optimizations


Implement & Execute

  • Complete engineering
  • Manufacture components
  • Implement and install new workflows and processes – train, mentor and support.


Review & Validate

  • Performance monitoring and review
  • Analyze quality, costs, resource efficiency and cycle time improvements
  • Adjust, refine, replicate, scale and progress

Eliminate Waste.
Reduce Cycle Time.
Improve Quality.
Create Value.

BeLit helps builders, architects and component manufacturers realize the full potential of their businesses.

We facilitate a lean approach to the building process using a comprehensive range of integrated products and services to maximize efficiencies from project planning to engineering and design, structural component manufacturing, construction and 360-degree process improvement.

Create More Value with Fewer Resources

In business, time is money. Likewise, wasted materials, excess labor costs, redundancy and sub-standard quality hinder your success. But you can’t seize opportunities unless you are able to recognize them. At BeLit, we leverage the power of cutting-edge software and multi-disciplined teams of design, engineering and construction professionals to create go-to templates for products and processes, increase automation, empower labor and eliminate the excess.

  • Maximize Performance & Efficiency
  • Shorten Construction Cycle Times
  • Reduce Costs & Increase Affordability
  • Improve Build Quality
  • Reduce Waste & Optimize Sustainability
  • Improve Safety & Eliminate Hazards
  • Increase Accuracy of Cost-Estimates
  • Limit Risks & Guarantee Certainty


We harness power of today’s most advanced engineering and design software to intelligently conceptualize, model and develop smart, efficient, replicable and scalable building and structural component designs.


We work in teams across disciplines to study possibilities from every angle and how decisions in one area may impact outcomes in others. Our experienced, diverse team members include architects, engineers, estimators, manufacturers, contractors and other construction industry professionals.


We identify process inefficiencies, evaluate the root problems, then develop solutions that provide the best opportunities for improvement.

Delivering Value

BeLit’s multidisciplinary team systematically finds ways to deliver more value to you and your customers. By employing a methodical, scientific approach to the building process and then fully supporting it throughout every phase – from planning, design and engineering, to manufacturing, installation and administration – we help transform our clients’ businesses and position them for a remarkably efficient future of continuous improvement.