Our Process


Identify & Assess

  • Engage stakeholders for needs analysis and goal setting.
  • Analyze potential design, engineering and process inhibitors.
  • Deliver a detailed scope of work that defines objectives to meet unique needs.


Design & Review

  • Collaborate across disciplines to coordinate stakeholder needs.
  • Design and optimize a Digital Twin for virtual walkthroughs, preliminary takeoffs and other review.
  • Identify opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness.


Implement & Execute

  • Complete optimized 3D model, finalize framing package and coordinate component manufacturing.
  • Utilize proprietary tools to deliver the right materials to the right place at the right time.
  • Provide trade-specific construction documents to guide efficient installation.


Review & Validate

  • Verify material delivery and eliminate anomalies in the process.
  • Collect and analyze field data to identify stumbling blocks and drive continuous improvement.
  • Communicate with stakeholders, adjust scope of work, and refine 3D model to improve the next build.

Eliminate Waste.
Reduce Cycle Time.
Improve Quality.
Create Value.

BeLit and its family of companies are innovators in leveraging advanced technology to revolutionize homebuilding. We help builders, architects and component manufacturers realize the full potential of their businesses. 

Our team’s commitment to continuous improvement fulfills BeLit’s mission of making the American Dream available to all who desire it. By removing waste, making efficient use of resources, improving quality and lowering costs, we’re building a brighter future for those who create housing, and those for whom it is created.

How to Build More with Less

BeLit’s Collaborative Design Process (CDP) supports our clients throughout every phase of the construction cycle – from planning, design and engineering, to manufacturing, installation and project management. Our experienced, diverse teams of designers, engineers and other construction professionals are committed to identifying process inefficiencies, evaluating root problems and developing solutions that guide continuous improvement and efficient repeatability. We use cutting-edge technology to create go-to templates for products and processes, increase automation, empower labor and eliminate the excess, helping our clients position their businesses for a successful future.