True House Gives Back to Industry Through SBCA Foundation

True House Inc. is proud to support the SBCA Foundation & Endowment with its recent commitment of $250,000. 

The company had been looking for a way to honor the legacy of two of its founders, Chuck “the Colonel” Dixon and Oliver Dixon. “The Colonel always said ‘you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution,’” explains CEO Barry Dixon. “We are driving to be part of the solution by giving directly to those with housing needs. Elevating our support of SBCA’s long-term charitable efforts is a great first step.”

The mission of the SBCA Foundation & Endowment is to give back to the community through philanthropic avenues to improve housing-related opportunities for the disadvantaged. The main areas of focus include scholarship programs and curriculum development, training and apprenticeship programs, housing-related charities, and industry sustainability.

Barry says he is particularly interested in how the Foundation can make the industry better by helping those who are in it. “I hope to see a greater sense of community grow out of these efforts as we assist those working in and for the components industry,” he says. “A focus on improving the quality of people’s lives through affordable home ownership very much aligns with the mission of True House and the BeLit family of companies.”

As a founding contributor to the Foundation, Barry will represent True House on its Board of Trustees. The trustees met in person at SBCA’s May Open Quarterly Meeting (OQM) in Nashville to discuss priorities, which will initially focus on fundraising for the endowment. Creating a sufficiently large endowment will allow the Foundation to annually contribute funds from investment income to support individual initiatives.

“The OQM started with a presentation by Molly Halliday, vice president of marketing for Operation Finally Home,” says Barry. “SBCA has a strong history with OFH, helping them build mortgage-free homes for wounded veterans and first responders.The Foundation is excited that OFH is the first official recipient of funds, which will enhance SBCA members’ in-kind donations to their projects and continue their important work.”

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